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Trump whisked away from Briefing Room following a gun shot in the White House (video)


US, President Trump was abruptly whisked away from the Briefing Room on Monday during a press conference with reporters because of a shooting about a block away from the White House.     

The president was in the middle of his opening statement when an aide who appeared to be a member of the Secret Service came to his side and escorted him off the podium. Trump returned to the room after a few moments and reported that there had been a shooting outside the White House. 

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“It was law enforcement shot someone, it seems to be the suspect. And the suspect is now on the way to the hospital,” Trump said, adding that no one else was injured in the incident. 

Secret Service shot the suspect outside the fence, near the White House, he said. Washington, D.C., officials said that first responders took a man with a gunshot wound to an area hospital. The person was in serious, if not critical, condition.

“You were surprised, I was surprised also,” Trump said.

Trump, who said he was taken to the Oval Office during the incident, said he wasn’t aware of the reason for the shooting, which took place on 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. 

“It might not have had anything to do with me,” Trump said. “It might have been something else.” 

Reporters inside the White House indicated the building was on lock down shortly after the shooting. Trump professed little worry about his own safety. 

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“The world has always been a dangerous place,” Trump said. “That’s not something that’s unique.”

The president returned to the Briefing Room minutes later and, after fielding several questions about the shooting, returned to his prepared remarks. 


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