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Sierra Leone Govt Bought $4.7 Million Cars, After House of Reps Rejected my vehicles, – Innoson Motors


Chairman Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, IVM, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, In an Interview with Vanguard, says he received order for a staggering $4.7 million cars from Sierra Leone after the National Assembly lawmakers rejected his vehicles.

The lawmaker who made the Innoson SUVs suggestion was shouted down as lawmakers insisted on brand new imported Sport Utility Vehicles against the locally assembled and made-in– Nigeria brands.

Innoson said: “I have order of about $4.7million worth of vehicles from Sierra Leone. That’s what I’m producing now for Sierra Leone government. Normally, I do get order and supply from within and outside the country.”

“Didn’t you see what happened at the National Assembly recently? They decided to buy Toyota cars made in Japan, that they are too big to drive made in Nigeria cars. Didn’t you hear it in the news?”

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Innoson added that South East governors do patronise him as one of their own:

“I will say that state Governments are doing their best and even the Federal Government is doing its best in patronizing us. However, if all the South-East governors are like that of Imo, then, we don’t have problems.

“The present governor is number one in implementing the local content. He deserves an award for that. Go to Imo, all the vehicles they are using are made in Nigeria. So Imo has got somebody in the governor who knows what’s good to do and we appreciate him for that.”



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