Home Opinion See Reasons why President Buhari should order all schools to Resume (Opinion)

See Reasons why President Buhari should order all schools to Resume (Opinion)


The federal Government of Nigeria is currently focused on the fight against a small molecule that has put many lives in reshape hazardous form.

Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has channeled his full energy in things that concerns the steady Good health state of the Nigerian citizens and in doing so, he outlined through the help of presidential task force on Covid-19, measures that will be taken to ensure that health of citizens are safe during this health crisis.

In that regard, he propagated the main cause of cessation of academic activities in the country, joined with closedown of businesses of both small and medium paths across the 36 states in Nigeria during the month of April.

The total lockdown of some States with High number of Covid-19 cases followed up immediately due to the fact that social distancing measures is the best way of mitigating the virus from ambulating to different households thereby causing more deaths and Imposing dangers to the country’s growth.

After three months of strictly applying the above rules as a guild to monitor the spread of the microscopic Sars-cov-2 Virus in Nigeria, President Buhari lifted ban on Business functionality, many government sectors and private economic sectors as well.

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His reason for issuing the relieve announcement was due to lack of palliatives from the government to help Nigerians during their stay at home Isolation imposed by the government.

In all those sectors lifted from ban, Educational sector was still shut and is really something to worry about, because of it’s importance to function at this time.


Many countries in Africa with high number of Covid-19 cases have resumed their schools because they considered the below reasons which President Buhari should consider as well, because time is running out.

Firstly, the Nigerian government needs to understand that, their initial reason of reopening businesses is to help Nigerians who are suffering due to dry pockets.

Help Suffering teachers

Schools are business institution just like Other businesses and needed not to be closed because some teachers can barely survive now due to hunger, unpaid house rent and many others.


According to Punch new, we have more than 2 million registered teachers in our schools and they are currently having a tight time for 5 months now.

To free many students from Idleness

Since the impose of Lockdown in our country, Tens of millions of young people are at home doing nothing, while waiting for their caregivers to comeback home with their daily breads.

Some Nigerian school children have been taken away by the spirit of loneliness and idleness, they are tired of studying and engage in some other bad act as a cause of idleness.

We do hear series of rape cases and illegal acts going on in the country since the lockdown and it has been in the increase because many people are idle and their minds are empty which makes Bad thoughts to flow in and out for execution.

The Government should reopen school to help students in the above Category because it will take discipline which is taught in schools, churches and households for the young blood to learn the basics of life and walk without injuring his future.

With strict measures impose in schools, we can open the sector and Still live our normal life. Thanks

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