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Pastor’s wife cries for help as she faces serious Abuse in Marriage (video)


A Nigerian woman identified as Blessing Joseph has cried out for help as she faces serious abuse in her marriage.

Mrs blessings who is a mother of 2 kids told Odince News that she has been married for 6 years but her husband keep maltreating her, they leave in port harcourt at green village estate, akpajo.

According to her, Precious Iginla who is her husband is the senior pastor of Prophetic Fire Embassy International Port harcourt, Rivers state.

She explained that her husband doesn’t take care of her and the kids, he beats her, refused to let her work, starves her and the kids, sometimes locks her outside and she has been enduring it all these while because of her kids but no longer wants to stay in the marriage.

When odince News her why she is still in the marriage, she said she do not want to leave her kids behind to suffer because the husband does not care about them, he told her that if she is leaving the marriage, she should go with the kids because he won’t take care of them.

The Heartbroken woman explained that she cannot take care of her kids due to finance, so she wants the human rights organisation, Nigerians to come to her rescue before she dies in the marriage, adding she is seeking help because she can’t help herself at this time.

In a shot video made available to Odince News, she said: “Am blessing by Name, i need help, i have been married for 6 years to an abusive man, this man beats me, this man locks me outside, this man refused to let me work, and then even 5,000 monthly allowance he doesn’t give me, at times money to feed is a problem.

she added that its only her husband’s spiritual father that use to send her money to feed sometimes, adding that she want Nigerians to help her get out of the difficult marriage because she is dying.

“There was a day he even strangled my neck, he said he is going to kill me, at every slight provocation, he must react.”

“I have kids of 3 years and 5 years, beats me before the presence of my kids, it’s getting worse”

Mrs blessing explained that she doesn’t want any form of reconcilaitiion and that is why she has decided to come out to beg Nigerians to help her get out the marriage, that she wants pastor precious to take care of the kids why she leaves.

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“I don’t want any form of Reconcilaition with Mr precious, all i want him to do is to take his responsibilites for me to leave, he said if i am leaving his house that i have to take the resonsilities of the kids and everything all by my self that he is not going to give me even a cent.”

She added that the court proceedings takes time and she doesn’t want to wait for the court because her situation is getting out of control.

she pleaded with Nigerians, Human Right organisation to come to her rescue.

In another post captured by odince News, she recalled how she ran to the police station after her wicked husband who claimed to be a servant of God beat her blue and black.

sharing the below photo, she wrote:

“Picture was taking in Akpajo police station porthacourt by police officer. This was one of the days I got the beaten of my life, right in front of my 3 year old, and 5 years old.

“I hard to run to porthacourt police station Akpajo.”

“Police attended to me and i wrote detailed statement of what transpired in the station.”

“I will publish the statement of what I wrote in the police station as time goes on.”

“It was his spiritual father who spoke to me to remove the issue from police, that he will handle it. The rest is history.”

“I don’t do propaganda. I believe in being straight forward, I hate manipulations.”
“Domestic violence is real! I need all the assistance right now”


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