Home News Nigerian pharmacy reportedly sells Hydroxychloroquine for N50K (photos)

Nigerian pharmacy reportedly sells Hydroxychloroquine for N50K (photos)


A Nigerian Pharmacy have reportedly sold Hydroxychloroquine for N50,000 Naira.

According to a social media user identified as Sulevan Okumen, There’s been claims that a pharmacy in Port Harcourt is selling a packet of Hydroxychloroquine sulfate, containing 60 tablets, for 50,000 Naira and Nigerians netizens are stunning over the development.

The drug became highly sought after, after a Nigerian-trained US-based medical doctor claimed that she has used a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax to treat over 350 Covid-19 patients and none of them died.

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The social Media user who shared the Photos wrote: ” Imagine if the air we breath was bought, Maybe less than 1000 humans will be alive globally because many greedy fellas will hike the price astronomically so as to make huge fortunes to buy private jets, luxury cars and expensive mansions.”


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