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Nigerian Man declared wanted for kidnapping a girl and Raping her repeatedly (photos)


A Nigerian man has been declared wanted for kidnapping a 21-year-old undergraduate and taking her to his home where he raped her repeatedly.

The victim named Zainab is a student but due to the pandemic that led to the closure of schools, she began learning to be a fashion designer.

On her way home from work on August 10, she was around Olateju, Mushin, when an SUV stopped beside her and a man, whose name was given as Babatunde Qudus, popularly known as Ovation in the area, allegedly came down from the car with a gun, kidnapped her and raped her repeatedly.

Sharing the Story, A twitter user identified as Zaddy, wrote:

“It happened on the 10th of august 2020 by 7:30pm as she closed from work almost getting home around olateju mushin, when some men greeted her but she kept on walking, next thing a tinted jeep drove beside her, this man came down threatened her with a gun and bundled her into the jeep and drove off.”

“it was this man and a driver that were in the jeep and they threatened her that if she screams they will kill her, that they just want to talk, zainab who is the lady kept begging that she’s just on her way home and her mom is waiting for her that she doesnt know them before what do they want to talk about, they kept on harassing her with a weapon until they drove from mushin to omole estate, where she was taken into a house and raped severally all through the night.”

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“zainab was in a her pool of faeces and urine but this heartless man didnt care, pointed a weapon to her and continued. they told her in the morning that if she tells anybody, even her parents they will kill her, they dumped her on the road the next morning.”

“on finding her way home, she told her parents immediatelyand the case was taken to olosan police station, from there she was taken to a rape organisation and hospital, tests were done, she was examined and shes currently on hiv drugs and some other medication.

“she just a 21 year old girl who due to the pandemic shes not in school in the main time, shes learning fashion designing. she’s depressed, devastated, comtemplating suicide. even the olosan police are compromised because the rapist has connect to bribe them. please well meaning nigerians, we need your help,.”

“she was kidnapped and raped now she and her family are being bullied and oppressed even by the police they have run to for help. please we need justice for zainab. as long as this man is on the street, our wives, daughters, are not safe. please i beg for you help.”

“please if anyone has information or can help in anyway please contact me or the victim via dm, if not please help retweet until it gets to people of power and relevant bodies who can help bring justice”

“the rapist is popular known as ovation in the area.”

“more pictures of the kidnapper and rapist his name is babatunde qudus. please if you have any information of his where about kindly inform me or the police”

The Rape Victim, Zaniab wrote: “I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to everybody for the love and support so far, and for giving me hope that I can recover from this trauma with the right levels of support and self care …..I AM GRATEFUF.

case is currently at olosan police station mushin.


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