Home News Nigerian Lawmakers are too big to drive my cars – Innoson Motors

Nigerian Lawmakers are too big to drive my cars – Innoson Motors


Chairman Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, IVM, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, has said that Nigerian Lawmakers are too Big to drive Made in Nigeria Cars.

Recall that House of Reps Rejected Innoson Vehicles as official Cars and went for Japanese made.

In an Interview with Vanguard, Innoson said: “The Federal Government is doing everything possible to support the manufacturing sector with good policies, but the problem lies in the implementation.

“They have done enough in terms of policies to support local content but, like I said, implementation is the problem. So, I won’t say that government is not helping. They are doing their best. If you look at the policies, they are favourable.”

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“Didn’t you see what happened at the National Assembly recently? They decided to buy Toyota cars made in Japan, that they are too big to drive made in Nigeria cars. Didn’t you hear it in the news?” He said.

 When he was asked if it was the member representing him that objected to buying his vehicle, He said:

“I don’t know about that. Whatever the person representing me said doesn’t matter to me. All I know is that was the decision of the National Assembly. Anything all of them agreed is what they will do. You can’t tag it to somebody representing me because he’s just one person and he can’t decide for the entire lawmakers. So, if the NASS decides anything, he can’t stop them.

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