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May God Punish my mother, I just found out that my late father is not my biological father – Nigerian man

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A Nigerian man, (Name withheld) has said that he hate his mother after he found out his father is not his Biological father after the Man passed away.

According to the heartbroken man, His mother Later confessed to him who his real father is and he never met him, adding she will suffer in hell.

Narrating the story to a Relationship Counselor, He wrote:”I hate My Mother, My Mother is Olosho May she got to hell and be tortured forever Amen.”

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“My Father Died last Month from Cancer, i found out that he was not my biological father. My Mother Knew and kept the secret all along, she still used to have affair with my Biological Father.”

“She confessed all this after i saw a text, I don’t even want to meet my Biological Father, He sent me Messages.”

“God will remove the darkness from my heart, I hate Everyone Now.

“DNA is a Must!! My Father loved my mother and gave her everything.
Live is hard, Pray for me.”


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