Home News If you see any Fulani Terrorist, Kill Him – Northern Prophet (video)

If you see any Fulani Terrorist, Kill Him – Northern Prophet (video)


Following the Incessant killings in Nigeria by Fulani Terrorists, Nigeria Prophet Isa El-Buba Sadiq has urged Nigerians to defend themselves against any Fulani Militia or Herdsmen.

In a video monitored by Odince News, the Northern Prophet said since the Government is not doing anything to end the killings, Nigerians should kill any Fulani Herdsmen or Terrorist who comes to kill them, adding that it is better to face the Law than to die in the hands of the Terrorists.

He said: “The question i want to ask, Has the Nigerian constitution denied any Nigerian of self defense?

The fiery Prophet added that if the Nigerian the constitution of Nigeria has given you the power as a citizen to defend your selves when the aggressors comes to you, then you should do it.

“If the constitution of Nigeria has given you the power to defend yourself, what stops you from defending yourself? Because if you don’t defend yourself, you will still be killed, it is better for you to defend yourself and die for the cause of defense.

“This evil Fulani Terrorists, killing people in Zamfara, in Kastina; somebody sent me a text from kastina and said pray for us, they are slaughtering us like goats.”

“The President cannot do it, His strength has been shown through the years of his service, If a man has failed in leadership, you are having a child leadership there, Not a matured leader”

He added that the Nigeria security Operatives cannot defend you that President Buhari has failed in Leadership.

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“The Police cannot, The soldiers cannot, that is why the Governor of Borno said, if you will not do it, i will mobilize ourselves to go and do it.”

“Let me say it, the same way the Igbos fought by improvising their weapon, it is time for Nigerians to improvise different weapons, kill them, the Bible says he that kills by the sword shall die by the sword”

“This people have vowed that they wants to kill you, Pick up your weapons and fight them”

“Nigerians, you can’t sit down and be behaving as if nothing is going on, If you don’t quench the fire in your neighbors house, that fire is going to come to your own house, Let’s wake up and stop this evil, God is on our side.”

“Remember, God will only work when we start the work, fight to protect yourself, Life is sacred in the sight of God and No man has the Right to enter into your house, to slaughter your father, slaughter your mother, Slaughter your wife and then we have 100 youths, if it is Improvised Bomb, do it with Kerosene, kill the Enemy, it is not a crime.

Finally, He said, ‘God bless Nigeria, God will continue to protect Nigerians, In Jesus Name!’


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Prophet Isa El-Buba was a former Islamic occultist, who served the queen of heaven from his childhood as a dedicated child. He inherited Islamic occultism from birth until 1982 when he experienced the exceeding grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that brought salvation to him, baptized him with the Holy Spirit, commissioned him to preach the gospel, and gave him Godly heritage. Before his salvation, the Lord gave him series of revelations of the reality of hell.


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