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I prefer eating Jollof rice made with firewood because it tastes Better – Tosin Olaniyan


Tosin Olaniyan Yoruba Actress in a brief Interview with PUNCH, says she prefer Jollof rice made with firewood, adding that Food made with firewood tastes better.

The Actress added that she eats anything that comes her way.


“I love rice and beans a lot. My best Food is Rice, I also love amala and gbegiri soup.”

“I do not take note of nutritional value of the things i eat every day, To be honest, I don’t do that. I just eat and trust God to protect me.”

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“I do not like to eat out because I react to some foods if they are not properly cooked.”

“I love cooking with a particular seasoning. I cannot do without it. I love spicy food, but not too much.”

“I prefer to cook at home and enjoy my meals. I don’t like to eat out.”

“When askea what’s her most expensive Meal she said: “I cannot remember but I’m sure if that has happened, I must have been taken out on a date. I’m sure I didn’t actually pay for the meal.”

“I love eating pizza but I cannot make it. My Favourite Meal is rice. It is very easy for me to cook.”

“I prefer jollof rice made with firewood. Food made with firewood tastes better.”

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