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God did Not Join Nigeria, it was forcefully joined by the British – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri while reacting to the tragic incidents in the country, says Nigeria was not joined by God.

According to the Amazon Bestseller and aid to former Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria is Not a Natural Country, it was joined forcefully by the British.

On Twitter, He wrote: “Today, Katsina youths are protesting the spate of insecurity in Katsina. On January 21, 2015, these same youths stoned then President @GEJonathan as he campaigned in Katsina. Ironically, as Jonathan left in 2015, peace also left Katsina, and has NEVER returned!”.

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“I have difficulty understanding the justification for the Nigerian Civil War. If a part of Nigeria does not want to remain in the Nigeria federation and chooses to go, with only their own territory, why fight them? Can someone who understands explain it to me?”

“God did not join Nigeria. Nigeria was joined forcefully, by the British on January 1, 1914, at Lokoja. Nigeria is not a natural country, like say, England or France. After 106 years of forced union, we are more divided today than in 1914!”


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