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Girls, If you dress decent, No man will harass you – Victoria Iyama (video)


Former Nollywood actress, Victoria Iyama has urged Nigerians Girls to dress decent to avoid being harassed by men.

According to Victoria, When you are going to club, church, market, business, etc dress accordingly. Don’t dress like you are going to club meanwhile you are going to the market, men will think you are a prostitute and harass you anyhow they want.

Reacting to a viral video of a Bus conductor sexually harassing a girl because of her dressing in Lagos, Victoria added that the Lady’s dressing is not decent, she is not supposed to put on such dressing while on the road rather the dress should be worn in club or home.

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Further, she advised Nigerian Girls to dress decent to avoid being harrased by Guys.

Sharing a video, she wrote: “l know that the hardship in that country is so severe it has eaten up the common sense side of the brain….

“African women Dress decent and stop copying The Western worlds. Their system works. Regardless of anything.

“There are Laws that protect women…..Such laws you don’t have… Dress Responsible….How difficult is that.”



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