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Am having an affair with a married woman and i want her husband to contract COVID-19 – Man


A Nigerian man (Name withheld) Narrates how her fell in love with a married woman whom husband allegedly scolds always and wants to marry her.

According to the man, he is happy that the husband of his lover always scold her if not, he wouldn’t have met her.

Sharing the story with a relationship Doctor, Joro, He wrote: “Am having an affair with a married woman and e sweet die, but her husband is a scum.”

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“This woman is so cute and sweet she is even tight than all the single girls i have ever met, after 3 children her pussy is still clean and tight.”

“Her Husband always scold her, says she burn plantain, or she added much salt in Food.

“I thank god for the Man. I he treats her well, i wouldn’t have met her, God is good in fact God do pass.”

“Last week, i thought the man contracted Coronavirus but it was Malaria, I would have been happy.”

“I will wait for her till am 35, if she have the courage to leave her Husband, i will marry her.
God be my Witness.”

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