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STUDY IN JAPAN: Japanese Govt scholarship for Nigerian students 2021-MEXT 2021 (Apply Now)

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This administration scholarship is for high performing students having magnificent scholarly track records, who wish to embrace an Undergraduate, Masters and Research study program in Japan.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) is offering grants to worldwide understudies who wish to learn at Japanese colleges as undergrad and Masters understudies under the Japanese Government Scholarships (MEXT) Program for 2021.

Course Eligibility

Candidates who needs to apply for undergrad considers must pick a field of major from (1) or (2) beneath

(1).Sociologies and Humanities: Social Sciences and Humanities-A: Laws, Politics, Pedagogy, Sociology, Literature, History, Japanese language, and others. Sociologies and Humanities-B: Economics and Business Administration.

(2).Sciences: Natural/Biological Sciences-A: Science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), Electrical and Electronic Studies (Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering), Mechanical Studies (Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture), Civil Engineering and Architecture (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering), Chemical Studies (Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Textile Engineering), and different fields (Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Biotechnology). Normal Sciences-B: Agricultural examinations (Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, Food Science, Fisheries), Hygienic investigations (Pharmacy, Hygienics, Nursing), and Science (Biology). Regular Sciences-C: Medicine, and Dentistry.


Postgraduate/Masters candidates ought to apply for the field of study they studied at college or its related field.

Selection Criteria

Nationality: Applicants must have the nationality of a nation that has diplomatic relations with Japan. A candidate who has Japanese nationality at the time of application isn’t qualified. Selection is done at offices, for example, the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General (hereinafter “Japanese legation”) situated in the nation of the candidate’s nationality.

Wellbeing: Applicants must be free from any psychological or physical incapacities that would be a hindrance to the quest for college study.

Military faculty or military non military personnel representatives at the hour of showing up in Japan are not qualified.

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Accessibility on showing up in Japan by April/October 2021

Age: Research Student: Applicants by and large must have been born on or after April 2, 1985.

Undergraduate Student: Applicants by and large must have been not been born between April 2, 1995 and April 1, 2003.

School of Technology Student: Applicants for the most part must have been born between April 2, 1995 and April 1, 2003.

Specific Training College Student: Applicants by and large must have been born between April 2, 1995 and April 1, 2003.

vi) Research Student: Undergraduate Degree holders from universities or colleges with a complete mark of Second Class Upper Division or higher. Candidates for this program must present a research proposal at the hour of applying Undergraduate Student: Highschool graduate with a mathmatic score of B3 or higher.

Value of Scholarship:

Stipend: The amount of the grant to be disbursed every month is still not yet resolved.

Transportation to Japan

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Transportation from Japan: The beneficiary who returns back to his/her nation of origin within the fixed period after the termination of his/her grant will be provided, upon application, with an economy-class plane ticket for movement from the New Tokyo International Airport or whatever other global air terminal that the designated college normally uses to the universal air terminal closest to his/her street number

Educational cost and Other Fees: Fees for the selection test, registration, and educational cost at colleges will be given by the Japanese Government.

Deadline: 31st July, 2020

Application Link: https://www.ng.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/edu.html

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