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Nigeria has expensive Refineries but none is working, they sell crude oil and Buy Petrol – Nnamdi Kanu (photos)


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has called out the Nigerian Government for abandoning all the Refineries in the Country.

The IPOB Leader said this while reacting to the News reports that Nigeria’s petroleum imports has exceeded exports by $58.5bn

He wrote: “These are the some of the headlines that makes you wonder what sort of demon created the Zoo Nigga-area and the animals Niggerians that inhabit. This is the type of headline that makes you wonder if black Africans are truly humans or not.”
Nigeria’s petroleum imports exceeded exports by $58.5bn — OPEC

NNPC Imported 18bn Litres of PMs in 2019 – PPPRA

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Nigeria now import diesel and gas from Niger Republic

“They have expensively built refineries, they have full compliment of staff, they have universities offering courses in Petro-Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering; they have millions of unemployed graduates looking for work but nothing seems to be working.”

“They export crude oil but import diesel, kerosine and petrol at twice the amount they sold the crude oil. Economics of insanity. Only black Africans, especially Niggerians can conjure up such monumental stupidity.”

“May God have mercy on your sad demented souls. Ndi isi ojii.”


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