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N4 Billion: If am lying, Resign and sue me to court – Jackson Ude Challenges Osinbajo


Following the Recent allegation of against Osinbajo linking to Magu’s crime. Jackson Ude has challenged Osinbajo to Resign and sue him to court if he is lying against him.

Recall that Jackson Ude alleged that Vice president Osinabajo collected N4 Billion from the embattled EFCC chairman Ibrahim magu when Buhari Travelled to UK.

Odince News reported that Osinbajo said he didn’t collect any money, orders Inspector General to investigate the Allegations and deal with Jackson.

Jackson Ude Reacts; “HushBajo. N4billion. The Ghana investment. Okechukwu Enelamah the erand boy. The secretly recorded night vigil prayers at the Villa Chapel. The letter of resignation written for Buhari in Tunis by Tinubu/Osinabjo while Ba was sick. The scheming to take over. Etc. This na pay back”

“To all Osinbajo’s BOTs and BMC dwarfs, make una collect. Una dey purge now abi? Na bricks una go soon begin shit. Make una write una petitions to FBI, CIA, Interpol etc, na me go take am clean my yansh. Una never cry. Make una wait, I dey bring bucket. Ndi ara!”

“Those of you trying to hack my handle and website, make una continue. Na me go hack una and expose you for the idiots you guys are. Shoe get size oooo, Agbada self get size. Ndi iberibe!”

“Olukoyede Olanipekun, the EFCC Secretary, worked as a Lawyer in Osinbajo’s chambers in Lagos. Once Osinbajo became VP, he moved him to the EFCC as Ibrahim Magu’s Chief of Staff and then later made Secretary of EFCC. And then the racket started!”

“Since Osinbajo, the Star Boy, is denying, let’s have lawyers compel the Presidential Panel investigating Magu and the Police, to release the verbatim transcripts of Magu’s confessions. This is not about waving immunity. Oya, let’s go there ndi Lawyers!”

“I am not afraid of Osinbajo and his minions. If he indeed wants to go to court, he needs to resign first, and sue me. He cannot be VP and be using state resources to intimidate the Judiciary. He cannot wave an immunity that he didn’t place. Osinabjo should resign first!”

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“This small play wey I say make I play with Star Boy Na him dey five am sleepless night? This small play oooo. So if I drop the big one nko? Una never hala. Just wait, I dey come for una!”

“Osinbajo should have used the U.S Police, FBI or even the CIA to charge me for criminal defamation. Using the Nigerian Police is a waste of poor Nigerian taxpayers money. Except his aim is to arrest me in Nigeria, lock me up forever. Anyway, perhaps Na my ghost dem go arrest. Ara”

“Throw back Thursday. Before you forget. The man threatening court action, in the first place, has no credibility. Where is Nigeria’s N5.8billion?”

“Kokoro ti o n je efo, idi efo lo wa. Please interpret for those who don’t read or speak Yoruba. This matter, e looooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg pass igi gbogboro!”

“Reno Omokri Reacts “Pastor Yemi Hushibanjo should sue @JacksonPBN to court for slander. That is the behaviour of an innocent man. Why petition @PoliceNG? Did the suspended Chairman of @OfficialEFCC, Magu, pay you ₦4 billion? If it is truly a lie, then head to court, not to police!”


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