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Magu is not the only Muslim coming to my church for prayers – Pastor Omale


The General overseer of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry, Abuja, Emmanuel Omale, has said that Ibrahim Magu, the suspended EFCC chairman, use to come to his church and pray, adding that he is not the only Muslim attending his church.

According to The Presidential Committee on Audit of Recovered Assets (PCARA) Magu bought property in Dubai using Pastor Omale’s name.

Responding to the allegations during a sermon, Prophet Omale say as the allegation is a lie from the pit of hell”. adding that he does not launder money for anyone, Magu is not the only Muslim coming to his church.

In a video monitored by TheCabe, He said: “You see what is going on, on social media. Listen, I don’t launder money for anybody, it is a lie from the pit of hell, I have sons all over the world and I pray for them. They call me for advice, for counselling and I pray for them and beyond,”

“This altar is for everybody. It is for Muslims, it is for pagans and Ibrahim Magu is not the only Muslim that you used to come here, sleep here, talk to God and they have result.

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“I’m not surprised, Jesus went through this, Jesus was persecuted, if Jesus was not persecuted they won’t hear his name. People that don’t know Omale, know Omale now. If I want to do this kind of publicity, the money is much all over the world, promotion. People that dont want to hear about pastor before, as they heard ‘pastor launder money’, they will go to my YouTube page and they will see the power of God there and they will become my son again.

“There is nobody that will watch my YouTube page and not follow me by force. There is nobody that will see my face that will not love me. My face was everywhere – publicity. No doubt about it, I can’t deny him like the way i cannot deny all of you, Prophet Omale is a prophet of liberation, give the Lord a big hand (applause). If you are Muslim in this building, outside, can you stand up? Come out here, I want to pray for you.”

“I’m a prophet to everybody. Omale is not for only Christians, Omale is for Muslims, is for pagans is for everybody. This is a house of God, we don’t force people to give their lives to Christ. Prophet Omale represents Jesus on earth. If you fight me, you are fighting Jesus.”


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