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Hushpuppi is far better than Buhari – Reno Omokri (video)


Aide to former president Jonathan, Reno Omokri has said that Hushpuppi the instagram Big boy who was arrested for internet fraud in Dubai is better than Buhari.

He wrote on twitter: “When ex President @GEJonathan handed over to General @MBuhari, Nigeria’s total debt was ₦11 trillion. It took 36 years to accrue that debt. Today, our debt is ₦28.63 trillion. Buhari has borrowed more in 5 years than previous governments borrowed in 36 years!”

“What is the difference between General @MBuhari and Hushpuppi? Hush scammed 1.9 million people via the Internet. Buhari scammed 200 million via the promise of change. How much is fuel now? What is the exchange rate of dollar? Hush is an angel compared to Buhari!”

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“The Naira, right now, is like an unstable building, whose scaffolding is being removed one by one. Such a building will collapse. As long as General @MBuhari is in power, Naira is not going to be stable. An unstable man can not stabilise an unstable currency!”

“Hushpuppi is a small boy compared to General @MBuhari. Buhari claimed subsidy was a scam in 2015. He got elected and paid more subsidy than Jonathan. Yesterday, UK @Guardian exposed his govt for selling Nigerians cheap cancer causing fuel. What was he subsiding?”

“General @MBuhari budgeted ₦37 billion to renovate the National Assembly and $500 million to upgrade @NTANewsNow and you are condemning only Hushpuppi? Both of them have criminal tendencies, only that Buhari’s victims are more (200 million Nigerians) than Hush’s.”

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