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How i died and resurrected on the 3rd Day – Nollywood actor Jerry Amilo


Nigerian Nollywood actor Jerry Amilo in a chat with Modernghana.com, explained how he had died and woke up three days after and how life has been after then.

According to the veteran actor, he was involved in a fatal accident alongside many others and was reported dead. He noted that he was told that he was kept in the mortuary for 3 days before he resurrected.

“I was involved in an accident and was confirmed dead. After being in the hospital for two years I wanted to start acting again, but people told me to wait and allow the injuries heal. According to what I was told, after the incident occurred, we were taken to the police station (as dead bodies). The next day they transferred us to a mortuary as dead bodies“,

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“As God in heaven would have it, there wasn’t light in the mortuary for those three days. Sometimes, this skeletal power helps. I doubt I would be alive if there was light. “

“Nevertheless, they told me the mortuary attendant who was cleaning noticed my body kept jerking occasionally. He ran away thinking I was a ghost, infact the whole hospital ran.

“It was some young doctors(Youth Corp Members) who were brave enough to see the spirit. They then discovered that I was alive. I was then taken to the hospital for treatment“, he added.

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