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How can Buhari travel to Mali to Make Peace when there is No Peace in Nigeria? – Imam of Peace calls for Buhari’s Arrest


Imam of Peace, Popular Islamic Cleric, has called for the Arrest of Nigeria’s President Buhari for Going to Mali for peace Keeping when there is No peace in Nigeria.

Trending the Hastag #ArrestBuhari on Twitter, He wrote:

“NOW NUMBER 20. Keep it going guys. Use the hashtag #ArrestBuhari to demand justice for all those impacted by corruption and terrorism.”

“We are now #6 on Twitter trends. Raise your voices. Use #ArrestBuhari to demand justice for all those massacred by the terrorists he freed from prison. Let’s make it number #1.”

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“Charged for corruption should be the last thing he worries about. Buhari should he charged for collaborating with the Fulani CULT and striking a deal to free thousands of Boko Haram Jihadists who have killed thousands this year alone! #ArrestBuhari

“Today we are going to make #ArrestBuhari trend. He freed thousands of Boko Haram terrorists. They are killing people daily while Buhari plays Mr. Peace in Mali.”

Buhari freeing thousands of Boko Haram terrorists because they “repented” is treason. They have killed thousands since then, and he is responsible. #ArrestBuhari

Reacting to the PDP’s call for Buhari’s Resignation, The Islamic Cleric wrote: “He shouldn’t resign. He should be arrested and dragged into the back of a police van and locked up. This corrupt person freed thousands of Boko Haram Terrorist because they “repented.” They’re now massacring Christians.”


IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu Reacts:

“While many people representing communities in the government are doing nothing about the ongoing genocide in the Zoo (Nigeria), people with a conscience like @Imamofpeace are speaking out to #ArrestBuhari


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