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Gender Equality has done more harm than good


Gender Equality is a quest that has faired reasonably well in recent decades. It is an ideology that has given the female folks a voice that is heard, it has encouraged them to become big dreamers and it has made them powerful in the society today – and the journey has been quite successful for the women who now have the backing of the law to desire, aspire and acquire even an empire if and when they want, with men serving as their subordinates and inferiors. If it were to be likened to the ‘American Football’, this is almost ‘touchdown’ for team ‘woman’, as she has become on the advantage side.

Consequently, such a milestone has brought about some philosophies; questions like: ‘who or what law ever stated that a woman should be the one to watch the kids and care for the home?’ Concepts like: ‘there is no difference between the man and the woman’. Quotes such as: ‘what a man can do, a woman can do even better.’ And many more philosophies. However, is it true that the sexes are equal? Are they really meant to play same and equal roles? Are they meant to even compete one with another?

It is no longer news that many homes are wrecked from cracked and broken marriages most of which have resulted from abused (gender) roles; men neglecting their duties, women playing dual roles or even neglecting her position and trying to play that of the man. And I ask again, are these sexes equal?

In every organization, there is hierarchy and job description and everyone is expected to play their roles effectively to complement every other persons efforts, and not necessary overlapping them. In a similar way, the woman has a place and role in the home (which is what makes up every society) and she should accept and be contented with where her office is. A woman’s role in the home front is very vital, no wonder she is nicknamed ‘the home maker’. The homely role of the woman cannot be compromised by anything otherwise its resultant effect could be catastrophic – and this is not far fetched in our modern world. I know this is tampering with the struggle and aspirations of feminism, however it is one disadvantage of civilization (I beg you to understand me in context here). Civilization is no friend of morality, no wonder we have experienced quite a great deal of moral decay lately.

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In a nuts shell, am I saying a woman should be relegated to the background of society? The answer is ‘no’ and the answer is ‘yes’. In a situation where the woman decides not to go into marriage and have children, or perhaps has figured out a way along with her husband (if any) on how to balance her ambition and taking care of the children, then surely, she can nurse an ambition and pursue a career. In a situation however, where the woman is so interested in keeping a blissful marriage and building beautiful children, it will be very difficult for her to be pronounced as a societal woman.

The street is full of ‘children’ who lack proper up bringing and have become a menace to the society. The brightness of their future is even questioned posing another question of whether the society has a future or not – talking about the rise in crime; robbery, rape, political thuggery, drug abuse and addiction, occultism, terrorism, etc. These are vices mostly resulting from failed homes because parents, especially mothers have chosen to pursue careers that are demanding of most of their time. Little by little, the society is becoming unsafe and people no longer feel at home at home any longer, most as a resultant effect of the absence of mothers in their homely responsibility.

Are women to be solely blamed for most of these ills we see in our society today? Definitely not. Men do have their share of irresponsibility which has made women want to step in and save the day; men have lost their place of respect and influence because they could no longer take care of their family; men are unable to produce results in their day to day societal function and has made women desirous to make things right. This has been the major issue facing our society today. However, a woman must understand that her role is more of a complimentary one than a dominating one.

The woman has a high degree of patience and perseverance which without doubt has been used against her by her male counterpart. This is indeed unfortunate as no man shows strength in being an opportunist and taking advantage of what he views as a weakness in a woman. Be it as it may, the woman must also see this as her strength which could be used in building the home and larger society. Young adults need a fatherly voice but most importantly, they need a motherly presence – and gender equality is just a mirage and not a reality

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