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Buhari’s Govt closed schools, Cancelled WAEC but did not close Boko Haram school – Reno Omokri


Following the Graduation of the Repentant Boko Haram Members (READ HERE), Reno omokri has slammed Buhari Government for closing down schools and Kept Boko Haram school Open.

On His official Twitter account, He wrote:

“For the murderous activity of herdsmen, bandits and other militias, without his government doing anything really tangible to put an end to these killings of innocent Nigerians, but rather making excuses for them, I fully support #ArrestBuhari

“General Buhari refused to send an evacuation plane to rescue Nigerians from South Africa during the xenophobic attacks, yet, he sent a plane to Niger to repatriate ‘repentant my Boko Haram members to Nigeria in style. Because of this, I fully support #ArrestBuhari”

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“Look at this nonsense released by General @MBuhari’s government. They have the gall to release graduation photos of so called ‘repentant’ Boko Haram. What rubbish! Because of these people, Leah Sharibu and Chibok Girls could not graduate! This is why I fully support #ArrestBuhari

“General @MBuhari does not have capacity to govern a ward in a local government, talk less of a nation. I love mutanen Arewa. I supported Yar’adua and @Atiku. I oppose Buhari because he is inept, not because he is a Northerner.”

“General @MBuhari’s government cancelled WAEC and shut all schools on the excuse of #COVID19, yet Buhari kept Boko Haram’s so called de-radicalisation school opened. Children of law abiding tax paying citizens cant graduate. But Boko Haram can! Will you accept this?”

“When @GEJonathan was in power, General @MBuhari complained that ‘the military offensive against Boko Haram is anti North’. Now, the very Boko Haram who rejected education are graduating. Buhari even spent tax payer money to sew nice new graduation clothes for them!”


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