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Buhari and The Nation: How Nigeria Ranged from Sublime To Ridiculous By Ahmad Umar


Democracy is a belief of political freedom and equality. A system that allows all and sundry chooses their leaders and representatives so as to bequeath from the benefit of democratic dividend. A democratic nation is truly ascribed with progression not retrogression, equality not inequality, justice not injustice and above all, holds the principles of welfare of the state. Alas! in our country Nigeria, ever since the emergence of political dispensation from 1999 to date, office holders that occupied political positions have been practicing a peculiar democratic government that’s singular, unparalleled and unmatched to the widely recognised democracy.They tends to forget its core purpose, which is to treat with fairness irrespective of cultural or social difference.

The chaotic nature of Nigeria democracy is sided with total exploitation, jingoism, chauvinism and mismanagement of people’s treasury. In Nigeria, politicians loot the country’s funds outrageously without having any political will to bring positive changes to the nation. This deranging element of power mismanagement could be seen amidst its past leaders who perfunctorily refused to fulfill their campaign promises as soon as they were voted into office. The most recent, President Muhammadu Buhari: a so called conservative right-wing among Nigerian military dictators, who was elected in 2015, was not exempted from this gruesome display.

As the saying goes “a bad tree does not yield good apples “, following his military track record, Muhammad Buhari is a man that fiercely ruled this country during military region between 1983 to 1985. He used military power to quench anybody without given due consideration on one’s constitutional rights. His ideologies are undoubtedly ruthless, cruel, pitiless and sorrowful. Many businesses were said to have been Collapsed as a result of a financial policy he directed the Central Bank to put in place around that time, which in return, culminated the highest level of disruptive socioeconomic disorder.

He brought many neo-colonial policies that subjugated masses and the military elites, who all together, unlawfully overthrew a constituted and democratic government of Shehu Shagari of the Second Republic and incepted him as a military dictator of that time. As a result of his continuous threats and incessant anarchy, some high-ranking military officers who felt threatened by his autocracy, plotted a coup d`etat and overthrew him in 1985.

” Not all glitters are diamonds”, 2011 – 2015 was a period of Nigerian serious dilemma. The country faced an exacerbated threats of insecurity and disintegration. There was symptoms of revolts everywhere.The south was glamouring for economic freedom and sovereign state of Biafra while the north was disturbed by the horrendous insurgency of Boko Haram. The country was experiencing pervasive vulnerability, hardship and lack of developmental policy. This made the north produced its presidential candidate (Buhari) due to his military experience, in addition to his campaign promises of addressing major insecurity. The entire nation was in desperate need for change. Thus, this desperation wasn’t unrelated to the vicious attack of Boko-Haram vis-a-vis places of worship, towns and motor parks. There is hunger and poverty as well as uninterrupted herder-farmer clashes that kept bedevilling the country. The menaces touched almost all the seven geo-political zones, each with its unique fallout to the entire regions.

When Buhari came to power, the shimmering hope for betterment began to delude before the end of his first year in office. His ineptitude and inefficiency in running the country began portrayal. The socio economic insecurities, which were the reasons for his assumption to the mantle of leadership, are getting worse by the days. Insecurity, terrorism, banditry, insurgency, recession, kidnapping and abduction are no more news-update. There no iota of doubt that Nigeria is on the slippery slope. The result of the inflation, price hike and poor economic policies of Buhari’s administration, is taking the country to square zero.


Not only that, even the victory of our gallantry soldiers over the Boko Haram fighters in the northeast appears to be one step forward, two steps backward. Social security, employment, economic opportunities are things of the past. Majority Nigerians are left in the devoid destitution; some live in garbage Can and others under bridges, with no access to food and shelter. What a system of administration! Buhari has failed the nation. He is a failure to the north and the entire country. His hometown, Daura of Katsina state, has been innumerably attacked and deranged by bandits, killing and mutilating innocent people and yet, does nothing tangible to rescue the situation.

Corruption still remains the Nigeria’s imminent threat. A cancer that malignantly keeps ravaging the nation’s growth, which, if not properly diagnosed, will subvert the country to the ground. somewhere around 2019, statistical analysis showed how Nigeria was ranked 144 out 180 country on Transparency International’s Latest Corruption Perception Index. This indication proved the Nigeria as one of highly corrupted nations on earth.

The most painful is how Buhari lost in touch with the reality and connection with basic human pains in the country. People are suffering from all angles, some are falling-down from mountain of horror into the ocean of misery, the effects of Covid-19 is still pushing many people into lacuna, businesses are shutting down every minute and hour, and yet, due callousness, the presidency announced an increment of pump price of petrol (pms) from #123-#148.

in spite of many hues and cries from trade unions, business fronts, regional forums and individual entity, Buhari’s government refused to give a listening ear. Just recently, Northern Elders Forum (NEF), through Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmad, the director advocacy and engagement – bitterly lamented the administration for poor and lack of solid economic growth-plan that will create hospitable climate for business activity, investment, job creation and unlocking Nigerian economic potentials. But unfortunately the presidency, through media aide, Mr. Femi Adeshina, levelled the call as worthless and incredible.

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