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Nigeria Police allegedly slap a pregnant woman for reporting a man who raped her Little Daughter (video)


A video shared online shows a Nigerian woman was left in tears on the streets of Abia state after she was allegedly assaulted by Police for reporting a 30-year-old man who allegedly raped her 5-year-old daughter. Odince News understands the woman is pregnant.

In the video, The Pregnant mother who can be seen crying while holding her 5-year-old daughter.

When asked what was wrong by a Good samaritan Lady, She explained in Igbo Language how she was beaten by Police officers who dismissed the case of rape she had gone to report.

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According to her, the 30-year-old man that raped her daughter, bribed the Police and the case was dismissed while she was assaulted and the man was left to go scout free.

A social Media User who shared the Video wrote: “So a 5 year old was raped by a 30 year old and the Nigerian Police dismissed the case asking the mother to leave the station with her child . She was found crying in the dark of the night . This happened in Abia . @PoliceNG You need to do something about this immediately”

“Apparently, it was a passerby that saw them crying that made this video . If you know the woman in this video . Please contact”


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