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Nigeria cannot get better, Democracy started in Igbo Land – American Man (video)


An American man while giving a speech says Democracy started in Igbo Land, adding that Nigeria cannot get better.

Why speaking about the Biafra war, He said that Biafrans are great People, a grate Nation, it was a country,

He said: “And later when I learnt something most people don’t know – that Democracy Began in Igbo Land, the very first constitution written on this planet was written by the Igbo people.

“The very First Democracy that involves self-Governance, that works for everybody was started in Igbo Land, the Very first Democracy that permitted women Leaders was in Igbo Land.”

“The Whites, Europe were still in Dark ages when Democracy Began in Igbo Land and yet the Igbos has figured out a way to have a jousting meaning for Governance and a Jousting meaning for Society and due process and Fairness, So, its my honor to work with Igbo Community”

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He added that they are aware of the Genocide of the Igbo People over seen by the APC, stating that its not an Ironic, it’s not a coincidence.

Recall that the Nigeria Supreme Court declared Uzodinma the winner of Imo state Governorship Election.

The White man said: “the Only APC Governor in Igbo Land is the one the Nigeria supreme court forced upon the Imo People.

He added that the Violence and Genocide in Nigerian made the United states to Place VISA ban on Nigerians, adding that Nigeria cannot get better, its going to get Worse.

“Nigeria can only get better if the Judiciary moves against the Corruption, against the Genocide, tribal Hatred, Regional Issues, insecurity, others. He added.


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