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My Mum disrespects my Dad and she wants me to be giving her 80% my salary every month – Married woman


A Nigerian married Lady identified as Josephine (Not real Name) narrates How her mother disrespects her Dad, sends her junior sister to study abroad and wants her to be giving her 80% of her salary every month meanwhile she married and have kids to take care of.

According to the Lady, a prophet told her mum that her Father is a witch and will kill her junior sister for sacrifice which made her send the girl to study abroad to avoid being killed.

She further explained that Her Dad was Rich but something happened and they suddenly became poor, since then her mum keep nagging her father to the extend that even her junior sisters disrespects their father which made the man go live with a side chick leaving his nagging wife and children at home.

In a complaint sent to a relationship Counselor, seeking a professional advice as the family issue bothers her, she wrote: “I am the first born in the Family of 5 girls, I am happily married with 2 children and working.”

“My Mother got a prophecy 10 years ago that her mother in-law was a witch and wants to kill her, 3 years ago my father lost his job which was paying well and our family lifestyle had to adjust.”

“My Mum went for prayers and was told my father was given witchcraft by his mom which cause misfortunes and he was going to kill one of his children as a sacrifice and the prophecy mentioned our 3rd born who was about to enroll to university.”

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“My mum started misbehaving before her children, for example; my Dad could call her while we are with her in the kitchen, she will keep quiet, sometimes she call him “Looser!, Poor Bastard, what does he want, stupid man without money, witch man, I wish he disappear from my life”

“Because of such behavior, my younger sisters stopped respecting my father, they will wake up and will not greet my father and he will just keep quiet.”

“I tried to raise my concerns to my mother but she always shuts me up, saying that without money who will respect such a man?”

“Back to the Prophecy about my Dad sacrificing our 3rd Born, my mom decided that my sister will go study abroad where my father cannot reach her and the whole family including my Dad was informed 2 weeks before she left.”

“All university application process, Passport, VISA was done secretly. “If your Husband knew he would have killed her and sacrificed her” the prophets told my mum.”

“My Mom sold all her properties and took loan for a first-year tuition. My sister courses is for 5 years, now my mother is broke and demands I contribute 80% of my monthly salary every month for my sister education which I refused completely.”

“My father refused to contribute anything after my sister disrespected him before family members and refused to apologize till date. She attacks me everyday on the phone that I am a hater and jealous, she will have good life than me after finishing her Education, she even goes far as cursing me.”

“I am the only child who still have respect for my father and it’s killing her, by the way; my father moved to the side-chick he had a kid with when he was Rich.”

“I begged my mom to at list let me have a business since my job is one-year renewal contract. What if I lose my job what will I do? She keeps saying Jesus will provide me another Job, I should just give her the money for tuition fee. I told her to let me sister come back and study here where we can afford and she turned everybody against me.”

“Now she says my father has given me some of his witchcraft. She only listens to the prophet, he even gave go ahead for my sister to study abroad, he told her God will provide Tuition Fee, Now no money and she wants me to give her 80% of my salary every month for remaining for Years of my Job.”

“I love my Family but I also have children who needs a better future. My husband is not rich, we are trying to make good Future for our children together as for now we are building our house.”

“My mom says when my husband betrays me and I become poor its my sister that will take my children to school, really? is this prophecy about everyone being a witch true? Since my mother said I am a witch too now.”

“We were once rich, had everything in Life, travelled to beautiful places, my father took us to expensive schools. We had expensive cars, now its just sad he is living with a side chick somewhere in one-bedroom apartment and my mother stays with my 2 younger sisters and has become bitter than ever.”

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“God forgive me, I never wanted to have bitter feelings for my Mother.”

“Should I stop contributing for our house and be paying for my sister’s tuition fee?”

“Am I really a bad person as my mother say?

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