Home News It is wrong to say that Buhari has failed – Femi Adesina

It is wrong to say that Buhari has failed – Femi Adesina


Femi Adesina has said that It Is Uncharitable, Wrong to Say Buhari Has Failed.

One Major objectives of Buhari’s Government 5 years Ago and promise to Nigerians is to secure the country, but It looks like things are getting really worse in terms of Security.

In an interview with channels Television, Femi adesina slams Nigerians who keep saying the Government has failed.

He said: “Security is still number one in the priorities of Buhari’s administration. And there is no time in any country that security will not always be Number one because the way the world Is now, no country can afford to toy with security.”

“In Nigeria, we have some encouraging developments and we also have many discouraging developments. To say that Government is failing, Governors are failing, presidents have failed, that will not be right, it will be unkind, it will be uncharitable, it will be dispiriting to those who are fighting this criminality.

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He added that a lot of soldiers have sacrificed all they have to fight insecurity most especially in the North east, if Nigerians keep saying they have failed, how will they feel?

Adesina said that The Nigeria chief of staff since he relocated to the North east, over 1,500 insurgents have been killed and no one is talking about it, says it is discouraging, adding that the Government is working had to secure the country.

When asked if the president is considering to change his strategy and model of fighting insecurity and what is Buhari doing to tackle the issue, Adesina said its not in his position to answer the question that Buhari will make his decisions known very soon.

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