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It is a sin for a Christian to have a Landlord – Nigerian Pastor, Osasuwa (video)


Nigerian Pastor Charles Osasuwa of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Inc, has said that To be a Tenant as a christian is a sin.

The Pastor added that it is a sin for Christians to live in a rented apartment because they will end up having two lords – Jesus and the landlord.

He said: “The first House you lived is called House of Necessity, It can be a Bungalow, the moment you start making money you should build a house and liberate yourself from Landlord.”

“According to scripture, you are supposed to have only one Lord but when you have a Landlord, you have Two Lords, to be a tenant is a sin, did you check your foundation?

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“God is a Jealous God, the moment you accepted Christ, you said; Father I accept you as the Lord of my Life and the Moment you have a another Lord called your Landlord, Jesus is not the only Lord of Your Life because you have a Landlord.

He explained that once your Landlord invites you for an occasion and you did not go, you will be restless because you have another Lord.

“So, to be a tenant is actually a sin because you are supposed to have only one lord. Your Landlord is actually your Lord because he can decide to call you up anything for a meeting, he can decide to give you quit notice.

“So to be a tenant is actually a sin, even if it is 2 rooms, build it, the reason why many people have not build homes is because they are designing mansion, keep that mansion in future, build a house of Necessity so that you won’t have 2 lords.”

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“Some churches have Landlord; it is a sin for a church to have Landlord, anything that will make someone else become Lord outside the lords of lords, you have to fight to make sure you don’t have another Lord.


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