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How Fulani Janjaweed raped me inside the Bush for 24hrs before my Husband and child – Yoruba Woman (video)


A Yoruba woman (Name withheld) narrates how she was kidnapped by Fulani Janjaweed with her Husband and Little Daughter and was Raped for all Night in Fulani Camp.

According to her, she was travelling from Adamawa with her Husband, 9 years old Daughter who just came back from abroad and was kidnapped on their way to Lagos after their driver stopped to check the Tire on the High way in Adamawa state.

In a video shared online, Translated by odincenews, while crying, she said: “AS we were travelling to Lagos, shortly after Ijare Junction, the driver felt the wagon’s tires rapture and decided to pack the car with the hope of changing the tires, it was like a film, crowd of armed men in military uniform came out of the Bush, they fire gun shot at the booth of the car, ahead of us, 5 of them came out of the bush, another 2 came from the rear, my daughter screamed “Mummy, Daddy, what’s going on?”

“There was no time to say a word, they matched us into the Bush, firing into the sky, they hit me on my chest, hit my daughter on her head and blood oozed.”

“At this time, it was better to kill me and I shouted at one of the armed men and his response was hell. He went straight to my private part and draw my dress with his gun, he stripped my dresses and I was left with my undies, my husband and my daughter started crying.

“2 Fulanis docked their teeth into my breast and I started bleeding, to my shock at gunpoint they removed the dress of my little girl. One of them carried her on his head as my baby keep crying and shouting, “Daddy. Mummy, what’s going on? Help me!”

She added that while she was attending a secondary school in Adamawa she lived with Fulani so she understands some Fulani words.

“I couldn’t help myself, we matched for 9 hours, I was half naked, my daughter was totally naked, her tears were like a stream of blood on her chicks. Our phones have been seized, we ended up in an ungoverned region at the thick of the forest, we met a well-organized group.”

“There were some kidnapped victims, I saw 2 ladies and 3 men, there were some people with their legs chained to trees, they were as half dead, we were separated, I was separated from my husband, my daughter was taken away, I only heard her screaming intermediately, I did not know what they were doing to her.”

“These men, now about 2 dozen, had a full kitchen, they have a huge camp and a traditional medical Team.”

She lamented, How can the security agencies say they don’t know where these people are.”

“But the camps appeared Isolated from each other, we had no exit afar indicating it might be nuclear settlement of cattle. “

“Right in my presence, I saw them pack the remains of a woman, they took her and buried her a few meters away from us, she had tribal marks.”

She added that she cannot describe the agony of the 6 days in captivity by words, says they asked her husband to choose between Her and their Daughter who will be raped.

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“I cannot forget how they asked my husband to choose between myself being raped or my daughter being raped and my husband broke down in uncontrollable tears and one of them hit him, saying’ “Yoruba bastard, you dey cry, Idiot”. And they gave him another option that he should be raped by one homosexual among them.

“My husband is a devoted Muslim, he told them that Rape and Homosexual of any kind is against Islam and they hit him with AK-47 and said “What do you know about Islam?”

She added that they warned the Husband that they have given his 3 options, Him being raped by Homosexual, His wife being raped or His Daughter being raped and gave him the fourth Option to choose one.

“They gave him the fourth option says “If you fail to choose one, we will rape You, rape your Daughter and Rape your Wife.”

She added that she made her self the sacrificial Lamb to be raped instead of her daughter of the Husband.

“I made myself the sacrificial Lamb and my husband begged, says’ they should name any price and one of them asked him to bend down, as he bends down, 3 men started jumping on him until he was too weak to stand.”

“They Raped me all Night for 24 hours and never allowed me to Put on additional clothes.”

She added that they Later addressed her and asked questions about her financial standing.

In conclusion, she said that New Fulani men Joined the camp for Training and she was Later Released. (Story ends Here).

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