Home Opinion The real America is not how CNN paints it By Reno Omokri

The real America is not how CNN paints it By Reno Omokri


I understand grieving, but grieving should not be done violently. Yes, there could be spontaneous grief that leads to violence, but the violence should not last for days. Many of the infrastructure and businesses being destroyed actually serve the communities that George Floyd cared about. Activism is better than reactivism. I live in America.

The real America is not how CNN paints it. CNN is satanically manipulative. Remember the Black reporter (Omar Jimenez)? His White crew were also arrested, but CNN deliberately misreported that. They made you think that only the Black reporter was arrested and the White crew were not. Based on that thought, you became emotional.

Once you became emotional, you acted irrationally, which was CNN’s intention from the beginning. Sound familiar? satan first used that tactic in the Garden of Eden. The inconvenient truth is that much more Black people are killed by other Blacks than Whites. It is not even close. The disparity is overwhelming. Sadly, many African and Caribbean immigrants feel safer with Whites than with African Americans. Chicago is one of America’s murder capitals.

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It is not Whites killing Blacks there. The George Floyd issue is unfortunate. However, we Blacks can’t blame all our issues on White America. If we allow liberal media mislead us, we will hate those who like us and love those who hate us. You think this is far fetched? Okay, which party was for slavery? I am sure you think it is Republicans. Wrong. Republicans fought against slavery.

What about Civil Rights? 80% of Republicans in the House and Senate voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Less than 70% of Democrats voted in support of it. Black people should think for themselves and not allow other White folk tell us which White folk to love and which to hate. We should not hate any race of people. We should hate injustice! By the way, in that same America, a Black man named Barack Hussein Obama, son of a Black African Muslim Kenyan, was elected President.

By Reno Omokri – Best Selling Author.

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